About me and this site

At the heart of my writing here on this website is a desire to inspire humanity to become its best version of itself. I’m a pragmatic idealist. I dream of what the world could be, but I’m not blind to the difficult steps it will take to create that world.

Whether through sharing insights from the worlds of psychology and science, faith and spirituality, or life and family, I hope you’ll find a regular stream of positive and uplifting words that’ll encourage you to be your truest self.

We all need to be reawakened. We need reminding of who we are at our core. And from that place, we can all play our part in serving humanity and helping build a new and better world.

In whatever small way, I hope my writing here may serve to help and inspire towards that goal.

On the personal side, I grew up in Leicester, but now live in Sheffield, England, with my wife, Rachel, and two young daughters, Eloise and Imogen. By day, I lead a web team overseeing a large, government funded website in the education sector. I also co-lead an experimental faith community for the spiritually homeless and frustrated called Mosaic. I am a keen follower of technology, particularly all things Apple. I also support Arsenal and the Leicester Tigers.